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We have just launched registration for the new season of the Football Academy! The new season brings several innovations related not only to the location but also to registration and price.

The first innovation in registration is the payment of tuition through the e-shop. After filling out the registration form on the website, you will be redirected to the e-shop, where you need to add the product “Tuition” to your cart and then pay for it with a card. After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation to the email you provided. We kindly ask everyone registering to enter the same payment details as in the registration form in the section for legal representative information. More information about registration can be found here. Registration is complete after successfully filling out the registration form and paying the tuition on the e-shop.

If you want to give the Football School as a gift and receive a gift voucher for the recipient, please write this in the notes on the registration form. Requests for Christmas vouchers will be accepted until December 15, 2023. Subsequently, the vouchers will be sent out by courier service.

The tuition fee is currently at its most advantageous! As the date of Petr Čech’s Football Academy approaches, the price will increase, so don’t leave your purchase to the last minute! More information on this will be available soon in the next article.